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Printable fact sheets available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Tagalog, and Somalian.

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YES-i122-rotator_support2I-122 is recommended by the League of Women Voters, the Municipal League of King County, signed by more than 30,000 Seattle voters and endorsed by leading Democrats like Congressman Jim McDermott and former King County Executive Ron Sims, former Seattle Ethics & Elections Commissioners, nearly every candidate for Seattle City Council, and dozens of progressive organizations. Endorsement list here.

I-122 Will Limit Big Money, Strengthen Voices of Ordinary Voters

As big money interests dominate political campaigns nationally, it is important to have stronger campaign finance laws to protect Seattle’s elections from the influence of big money.

Big corporate interests and lobbyists in Seattle have a stronger voice in local government than ordinary people. Seattle campaigns are so expensive they discourage many potential candidates who aren’t personally rich or politically connected. Voter turnout is decreasing while voter apathy and distrust are growing.

I-122 will limit big money interests in city policy-making, increase accountability and transparency in our local government, give ordinary people a stronger voice in local government, and ensure candidates focus less on needs of big money donors, and can spend more time listening to voters.

Vote Yes on I-122: Keep Seattle of, by and for the people

  1. Limits influence of big money interests in city policymaking
  • Limits campaign contributions from big corporate interests that spend significant funds ($5,000+) lobbying the city and corporations with large ($250,000+) city contracts.
  • Makes it illegal for city officials and their top aides to take lobbying jobs immediately after leaving office. Requires elected officials to fully disclose possible conflicts of interest.
  1. Ensures candidates focus less on needs of big money donors spend more time listening to voters
  • Sets strict contribution limits to no more than $500 in all city races and limits campaign spending by candidates who receive public financing.
  1. Increases accountability and transparency in our local government
  • Tightens campaign reporting deadlines and increases transparency with electronic disclosure requirements. Increase fines & penalties on those breaking election rules.
  1. Gives ordinary people a stronger voice in local government
  • Enables more candidates, including women, young people and people of color, to run viable campaigns against big money candidates.
  • Allows ordinary people to support candidates of their choice with four $25 Democracy Vouchers.
  • Allows City to pay $3 million/year costs either from the general fund or from a levy, estimated at $0.019 per $1,000 of assessed property value, about $0.65/month for a $400,000 property.

Printable Fact Sheets:

Fact Sheet in English

Fact Sheet in Spanish

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Fact Sheet in Somalian

Fact Sheet in Chinese

Fact Sheet in Vietnamese

Fact Sheet in Tagalog